Academic & Business Web Design and Development

Academic & Business Web Design and Development

Elucid8 Design offers Academic and Business Website Design & Development Services in Toronto. We also specialize in providing print design, web design, and application development services to academic and business clients in Greater Toronto region. As the name implies, Elucid8’s specialty is creating materials on paper and on the screen that are clear, concise, and easy-to-use. Elucid8 Design was founded in 2002 by Larry Clarkberg, Mark Zifchock, and Greg Kops. Several “core contractors” round out the Elucid8 Design creative team. Elucid8 Design was formed from existing businesses Redbone Information Design and Get Wired Ithaca. The goal of the Elucid8 Design founders is to take on larger, higher-quality projects from a wider variety of clients both locally and nationwide, and from both academic and business organizations.  Elucid8 Design is being created to address these opportunities and issues:

The digital nature of website development makes a flexible, de-centralized business organization possible.

Internet marketing and delivery tools will enable Elucid8 to attract projects both locally and nationally.

Open source software allows inexpensive full-featured web hosting.

The ascendance of open source software such as Linux and PHP/MySQL allows database-driven features such as shopping carts, blogs, and online forms to be added to websites inexpensively.

Print design, website development, and application development are converging.

Increasingly printed material is also distributed on the web, and business applications have a web interface. Elucid8 Design will offer the spectrum of skills necessary to take advantage of this convergence.

Toronto needs programmers and designers who work together.

Businesses often have to make a choice between a few design-oriented freelancers who lack programming muscle, and a few programming-oriented freelancers who lack design finesse. Elucid8 Design is a network of designers, content developers, and programmers who work together to provide best academic and business website design and development services.

Many web developers don’t develop content.

Elucid8 Design will be a one-stop-shop for clients who, in addition to a website, need text, photographs, and illustrations to put on their website.

Many web developers don’t test their websites for usability.

Elucid8 Design’s web design process will incorporate usability testing to ensure good online experiences and great online communities.

Campus design organizations need help. 

Elucid8 Design is a large, visible, and reputable Web Design and Development company Toronto that campus organizations can call upon to relieve strained workloads.


Human-Centered Design Philosophy

We believe in simple clear design. And we believe in the power of human-centered communication design to make the world a better place. At the core of this philosophy is the idea that it is necessary to understand people’s needs first and to apply technology second. To really understand what people need (since they often don’t know themselves) it becomes necessary to use sociological and anthropological methods such as workplace observation, interviews, and statistical analysis. Another key component of human-centered design is to include people who will actually use a product in the design stage of that product. This is done by working with them to evaluate rapid prototypes—quick mock-ups that model essential features of a product. Human-centered design is also known as iterative design, participatory design, and contextual inquiry. It is related to the fields of ergonomics, human factors, usability testing, design research, interface design, interaction design, and computer-human interaction. The Institute of Design in Chicago Illinois is a leading proponent of this approach to design. Elucid8 founder Larry Clarkberg studied human-centered communication design there from 1994 to 1997.

Elucid8 Design today is a subsidiary of HTML5 Ecommerce Web Services company ECA TEch Inc.

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