Charity Intelligence

April 11, 2015
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About Charity Intelligence project:

This totally data-driven, dynamic and feature-rich website required a lot of challenging custom programming that other developers in the past failed to perform. DTW took over the previously incomplete assignment and completed the complex tasks very successfully. Client is able to enter data for charities and control the entire site mostly without any help from a developer.

Charity Intelligence could tell you about how hard it is to find good competent programmers and they were very happy that they found us. We helped CI with:

  • Publishing audit reports
  • Rating for transparency level of each charity organization in Canada
  • 100% custom real-time pie charts, bar charts
  • Import multi-layered excel files to add charities data easily to website
  • Useful tables filled with data
  • Custom search function to find charities quickly
  • Currently developing algorithm to rank these charities according to data input.

Charity Intelligence

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