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April 11, 2015
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About Spergel Consumer Site

For over 20 years, the dedicated professionals at SPERGEL have helped over 30,000 individuals and over 1,500 corporations gain financial freedom from their debts and get a fresh start. During 1987, while Canada’s economy was continuing to expand, Alan Spergel started the insolvency arm of the Mandelbaum Spergel Group and was incorporated as Mandelbaum Spergel Inc.

  • Graphic design was provided by Spergel’s Marketing team in InDesign format, we re-created in Photoshop to turn it into web design
  • Created HTML5 and CSS out of the graphics provided and added to CMS.
  • Added various custom plugins to this website.
  • Added database driven searchable 10 pages long application form so Spergel could accept users online.
  • We created various email forms.
  • Added blogs and themed its skin.
  • Created mobile web design and website of the PC version.
  • Designed banners for their social networks.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO).

Spergel Consumer

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